***The Ink Pot***

As one bottle gradually descends another eagerly awaits that of which the first inspires. Softly music moans in the dimness of a flickering flame. Breathe of the familiar one close and heaving, Bursting with poetic sounds. The quill led to the unknown depths of the ink pot. Rustling of crisp virgin sheets. Creativity escapes the... Continue Reading →



The forest is no place to be roaming on your own, or so I was led to believe. I actually found it to be enchanting; I’ve never felt so alive encapsulated with daring nature. Trees swaying in the gentle breeze, listening to the night-time hush. Cracking and twisting of limbs reaching down to touch me... Continue Reading →

***Records Twirling***

I sit in class and begin to write, Fond memories of that special night. Music, booze vastly flowing Bodies sweat, faces glowing. Strange stirrings become unclear, A second calling to get you near. That night comes, we stayed up late, Our initial meeting an act of fate. Records twirling till early morn, Fruit liquid replenish... Continue Reading →

***Lets All Dance***

There’s a man sits by his piano Playing the same old song. His eyes are full of sorrow His hair is really long. A friend with deep depression He walks a dark old path. His friends all think he’s funny Because he always makes them laugh. There’s a girl she sit alone and drinks With... Continue Reading →

****Just Like A Book****

My life feels like a black hole, I’m standing on the cliffs edge, Contemplating taking the dive, not that I’m out of control, or daringly stupid, Just that distracted thoughts often wonder what’s at the base of the hole. Curiosity is a strange experience really, one minute you’re living a normal life, Then the next,... Continue Reading →

****Gone Fishing****

Have your cake and eat it, a very famous quote, Said the man as he was sailing, his little fishing boat. So not one to disobey, he did as he had heard, Coughing and a spluttering, pulling at his beard. Who was going to save him, from his nasty bitter end? With only fish surrounding... Continue Reading →


Whispers in my ear, one cold and frosty night, Lovers dance to music, in the twinkling disco lights. My heart it beats like thunder, as I look you in the eye, Your voice so warm and tender, this I can’t deny. Lost in the moment, standing by your side, Scared of the feelings, that I... Continue Reading →


Dilemma's arising, how surprising, Frowning faces, different places. Stumbling on the footpath, attempting not to look daft. Trees shedding their loads, Dusty travelled roads. Mist that surrounds us, suddenly feeling head fuzz. Pollution and litter all around, Golden leaves fall on the ground. A path lost beneath the rusty color, the darkness lurks sky's getting duller. The stars... Continue Reading →

****A Summer Shower****

Standing amongst the people, 70, 80 or more, Watching all their faces, as the rain begins to pour. Perfection is deleted their efforts all defeated, Hair suddenly looks the same, Expensive styles ruined by rain, Clothing hung and stuck so damp, The man in pink, he looks so camp. Under the shelter, Like sardines in... Continue Reading →

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