****A Summer Shower****

Standing amongst the people, 70, 80 or more, Watching all their faces, as the rain begins to pour. Perfection is deleted their efforts all defeated, Hair suddenly looks the same, Expensive styles ruined by rain, Clothing hung and stuck so damp, The man in pink, he looks so camp. Under the shelter, Like sardines in... Continue Reading →

****A Girl I Knew****

Doctors, nurse's, come and go, I sit in here my mood is low, I want to cut, I want to harm, they look at me they think I'm calm, But I'm no fool, I can play, I wait for them to walk away, I know it's waiting, in its place; my emotions now begin to race,... Continue Reading →


  The golden band, feels like a noose around my neck, Suffocating in silence, Lost direction, My chest so tight, I can hardly breathe. The tears dwell in my eyes, Yet fall at all the wrong moments, Your presence no longer needed, or wanted, You’re killing me from the inside. How much do I take,... Continue Reading →

****A Familiar Stranger****

I searched in the dark for too long, To find the keys to my existence, And then a mystery Stranger, Full of life, full of danger. Eyes that undress, possess, A chance meeting, A sensual greeting, Fire burned through me, Yet this you didn’t see. The warmth of your breath on my neck, My body... Continue Reading →

****A Crack In The Night****

Cosmic blue hovers above, A thousand eyes, that gleam with love. My hearts touched by what’s out of reach, Just hold on, this I preach. A feeling that’s like no other, Like being embraced by a secret lover. Underneath eyes that watch and dance, Lost in the moment of a cosmic trance. Feeling magic, feeling... Continue Reading →


Our eyes met across the bar, I knew by his look, that we were to become friends. His full body, his firm neck. I continue to stare, he says nothing, but yet so much. I wanna hold him, I wanna touch, I wanna feel him on my lips, I wanna hold him by his hips.... Continue Reading →

****The Chosen One****

The candle flickers as creations of mysterious shadows appear The essence of incineration almost suffocates you, Gasping clutching tightly to your chest, As the mist incarcerates you. You see my dear the spirits ride beside me, Protect and obey me, Captivating what I believe to be mine, Enlightened by the powers within. Uplifted to be... Continue Reading →

****The Dark****

Your eyes shut ever so tight, Scared of the cold winter night, Your face so heavy and full of dread, Frightened of what’s above your bed. I haunt your mind, at the darkest hour, You try to sleep, and fight my power, Beneath the blankets you feel the pain, Afraid to ask, if you're going... Continue Reading →


At last I am free, Free from the bondage, Death now no longer waits, From the harsh episodes of my life. Kissed by the razors edge, I feel deaths warmth circulate my insides, My blood begins to pour, Freedom from this dead life. Free from the dark tormented past, Free from my sadness, Free from... Continue Reading →

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