***A Voyage Of Discovery***

Day dreamers, nocturnal creatures.

Melodies enchanting often leading the mind to adventure more than it deserves.

Daring destinations to explore perhaps escape.

New worlds, new beginnings, sensual journeys to roads untraveled.

Ships swaying in the harbour havens.

Trains steady on the tracks yet to depart,

Which transportation will it be?

Where will it take us and why?

Tropics so lustful,

Aromas so sweet,

Familiar lands seen with new eyes

Uplifting departures guide us connecting to a universe bursting with pleasure.

Floating, dancing, delving inside, deeper and harder.

Reaching out to touch reality, to tease its existence.

Embarking on a life only dreamers understand.

Music inspires us

Lost in the clouds we created.

Transcendence of the universe.

Tender and luminous we fall,

Minds embraced.

Passionate beauty, flirtatious petal

How I love thee…..

© JodiVampallen



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