The forest is no place to be roaming on your own, or so I was led to believe.

I actually found it to be enchanting; I’ve never felt so alive encapsulated with daring nature.

Trees swaying in the gentle breeze, listening to the night-time hush.

Cracking and twisting of limbs reaching down to touch me with witch like talons.

Obstacles cast at me like grenades full of colour from those withered hands,

Yellow, green, burnt orange and sienna an array of falls wondrous rainbows.

Crunching pressing them down within moistened layers that protect the burning fires below.

A distant tune of a trickling splendour intrigues the wandering mind,

Tiny raindrops plant them self upon my welcoming skin,

A disciple I become, tracking the magical marvels.

Deeper and darker the forest becomes,

Eyes gleam from above and below as the occasional moon beam trespasses,

Gemstones light this path to paradise.

Twittering, screeching howling a magnificent hell.

Rapid my heart has become, I sense I am no longer alone,

Watchers surround me as I intrude their empire,

Maybe I’m late for dinner.

Cautiously I continue my journey to the sound of enticing dreams

Wishing to lie down in a bed of warm ferns,

Though my destination is yet to be found,

A cavity at the heart of the darkness

Should I go deeper?

Enticing mystical mysteries beckon,

Whispers of the wind echo on the water’s edge

Reflections in moving glass provoking thoughts within in each ripple.

Sweetness of the grass tickles my senses.

Flavour’s of the damp bark wake new hunger.

What a beautiful journey,

Maybe I’ll take you one day.

© JodiVampallen




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