***Records Twirling***

I sit in class and begin to write,
Fond memories of that special night.
Music, booze vastly flowing
Bodies sweat, faces glowing.
Strange stirrings become unclear,
A second calling to get you near.
That night comes, we stayed up late,
Our initial meeting an act of fate.
Records twirling till early morn,
Fruit liquid replenish it’s almost dawn.
By your hand I am led,
Enchanting tunes, to a persuasive bed.
A journey transpires between the sheets,
Life’s forgotten, hearts deplete.
Heat of the darkness steals our souls,
A danger of dancing on heated coals.
Hotness of twisted kisses,
Following guidance of the others wishes.
Entranced by danger, thoughts a plenty,
Essence of bodies sweaty and scenty.
We laugh and joke about this chance meeting,
The paths that cleared for this greeting.
You then re robe your gallant self,
Empty magnum cast upon the shelf.
I lay in anguish, will we meet again,
I’m sat here now chewing my pen.
And then a message it comes by chance,
My heart it skips and does a dance.
Words from your bed miles away,
We plan a journey for another day.
Yet still unclear how this goes,
Happy to go where the music flows.
Now the tutors half way through this class
Best stop my rambles if I want to pass.

© JodiVampallen


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