Whispers in my ear, one cold and frosty night,

Lovers dance to music, in the twinkling disco lights.

My heart it beats like thunder, as I look you in the eye,

Your voice so warm and tender, this I can’t deny.

Lost in the moment, standing by your side,

Scared of the feelings, that I try to hide.

Though I hardly know you,

Not that very well,

Strangers to become lovers,

This you can never tell.

Fighting all the feelings,

It’s like a hidden curse,

So much emotion, I feel I’m going to burst.

So much courage, so much soul,

The way I feel when I hold you,

Never wanting to let go.

I could never hurt you,

This I truly say,

The pain now I have fallen,

Is why I walk away.

© JodiVampallen


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