Dilemma’s arising, how surprising,

Frowning faces, different places.

Stumbling on the footpath, attempting not to look daft.

Trees shedding their loads, Dusty travelled roads.

Mist that surrounds us, suddenly feeling head fuzz.

Pollution and litter all around, Golden leaves fall on the ground.

A path lost beneath the rusty color, the darkness lurks sky’s getting duller.

The stars that shine in the never-ending sky, its dark enough for her to fly.

Her wings are spreading, the moon lights her flight,

The darkest angel takes to the night.

She skims the rooftops, Checks out the parks,

Scares the hell out of dogs that bark.

Her prey is sleeping on his bed, but he’s not dinner, she’s been fed.

There she sits in her tree, wishing how she dreamed it be,

But he’s a mortal, and she’s a vamp; the two together, a danger camp.

So lust does she, all through the night, Frustration & desires wet her appetite,

His chest falls and rises, she sees his heart,

The pain off lust drives like a dart.

She can not take him from his life,

Scared of lust being sacrificed.

All night she waits, the night is long,

The pleasure she gets is surely wrong.

Day is breaking; she’s got to flee,

She mimes the words, “Please love me”,

Back to her hiding place, off she goes,

Waiting to travel tomorrows, dusty roads.

© JodiVampallen


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