I need you on the nights I'm low, When I try to run, my legs won’t go, Trapped in this world of hate, I attempt to escape, but it’s too late, Trapped in a life of pain, Tears of blood, that I rain, I want to run, I try to hide, To live like this,... Continue Reading →


***Waiting To Be Taken***

Waiting to be taken, Lips are sealed shut, Where is this dungeon that you speak? Anticipation kills me inside, As you flicker through your torturous devices, Bloods boiling, legs coiling. Sweat dripping as I see you choose my destiny, You turn to confront me underneath that mask, I’ve seen those eyes before, I chose my... Continue Reading →

***Vortex Of Hell***

I have the sinking feeling, The sky is falling down, Swimming in the ocean, Feel I’m going to drown, Hiding in the shadows, Running in the dark, Crashing into predators, Dodging fierce sharks, My mind in a whirlpool, The cycle is so black, Unknowing is the ending, No way of turning back, The demons are... Continue Reading →

***The Key***

I wait outside the gates of hell, Only Lucifer can set me free, His demonic powers to possess me, My desire to feed on the life of others Brothers, sisters, someones lovers, Morbid thoughts run through my soul, Though the ending so unclear, You saw my life in your eyes, Its comes to you as... Continue Reading →

***Chasing Rainbows***

A lifetime of trying to be someone. Sacrificing my own needs for those undeserving, for what? My own satisfaction and preservation. Is it worth so much of my energy, in attempt of finding internal peace? A better world. What is the bigger picture? Where do I find it? What’s the secret to attraction? Maybe I’m... Continue Reading →


Special nights are marked like embedded secrets, Anticipation excites those participating, Sparkles of light set the night, Two fires burning with desire. All focus is on the extravagance, The rocket was thrust into moistened earth, The warmth welcomed the intruder, In all its mighty splendour, Firmly gripping at the erected pole. Cautiously the direction is... Continue Reading →

***The Journey Home***

Strange shadows lurking, darkening my pathway home Feeling in my pocket, I try to feel my phone My breath its gets deeper, I’ve got to take a gasp Hoping not to walk into any strangers grasp Panic stricken, I begin to run, wishing now I had a gun Street lamps seen up ahead, to look... Continue Reading →

***The Mirror***

Look in the mirror, what do you see? I see two eyes staring at me. Look in the eyes, what do you find? A woman who’s scorned and loosing her mind. Through the mind of the woman, explore hidden depths, Of love & desire & long-lasting breaths. Through the long-lasting breaths of a mind that... Continue Reading →

***A Voyage Of Discovery***

Day dreamers, nocturnal creatures. Melodies enchanting often leading the mind to adventure more than it deserves. Daring destinations to explore perhaps escape. New worlds, new beginnings, sensual journeys to roads untraveled. Ships swaying in the harbour havens. Trains steady on the tracks yet to depart, Which transportation will it be? Where will it take us... Continue Reading →

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